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What are they?

E-Communications are messages, such as but not limited to e-mail, text messaging, audience based email lists in CNAV, e-newsletters, e-postcards, e-alerts, and automated system e-mails, sent on behalf of an organization of Gettysburg College through electronic means. 

How do I get started?

Please contact Paul Fairbanks (, Director of Creative Services to set up a meeting to discuss your departments e-communication needs. You will be asked to bring with you to the meeting a communications calendar for the year both print and digital. Depending on your needs there are two options available for campus clients listed below.


The Web Presence Committee has approved an e-communications policy.


The College has contracted with a third party email tool to send large mass emails called Listrak since November 2008. The Listrak website offers valuable tips and best practices for sending emails, writing subject lines, and getting your e-communications delivered. It also offers a detailed data analysis section.

Web Communications covers the yearly maintenance fees for the use of Listrak and the cost per email is .006 cents or $6.00 per 1,000 emails sent. Users are billed monthly.

There is an email alias for Listrak users on campus to share best practices, concerns, and tips.

Audience based e-mail lists

The College maintains e-mail aliases generated by CNAV for the groups below:

  • All Campus Members
  • All Administrators
  • All Faculty
  • All Support Staff
  • All Students
  • All Campus Members Except Students

Authorized users may send to the lists. There is no cost to use this tool however no data is returned to the sender on opening or click thru rates.