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Gettysburg College will sustain a vibrant and dynamic web presence focused on connecting both our external and internal audiences to our physical and virtual community. Our web presence will enhance the College's reputation and position among liberal arts institutions, attract the highest quality students and faculty, and increase the visibility of Gettysburg's great work on a national and international level.

Web Presence Committee

The committee is charged with developing and maintaining a best-in-class web presence for Gettysburg College. Additionally the committee is charged with developing policy and assessing the effectiveness of strategies. Committee members will share ideas about web technology developments and tools in their functional area, and stay abreast of competitor schools' enhancements. Committee members are responsible for communicating committee decisions and recommendations back to their division. The Strategic Web Presence Committee will serve in an advisory capacity to President's Council conducting an annual review and making recommendations on strategic web decisions and broad goal setting.

Committee Membership

The committee will be made up of Vice Presidents, Associate Vice Presidents, and Directors, across every division. Appointments to the group will be made by the Vice President of the division in consultation with the Director of Creative Services who will chair the committee.

Guiding principles

  • The web will serve our community by enhancing our image, visibility, and ability to recruit the best students, faculty and employees to our campus.
  • The College web presence will include the College's official site, institutional mini sites, video, e-communications, self service portals, as well as other social media sites. (Including but not limited to sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter)
  • The College defines its audiences as prospective students and their families, current students, alumni, employees, parents, and friends of the College.
  • The College recognizes the importance of self service tools for all audiences and will use the web as a delivery mechanism
  • Data driven decision making is essential to planning strategy and measuring effectiveness.
  • All divisions are responsible for collaborative support of the web presence and will prioritize goals and resources to support institutional web presence goals and initiatives.