Assessment of Student Learning

Guiding Principles

Gettysburg College strives to adhere to the Nine Principles of Good Practice for Assessing Student Learning.


Assessment is accomplished through on-going collaboration across the College community (Organization for Assessment). Specifically, Committee on Learning Assessment (COLA) and Co-Curricular Learning Assessment Group (CLAG) oversee the assessment of student learning at the College.

Assessment is one of the major functions of the Office of Institutional Analysis. Specifically, the Office:

  • Administers national benchmark surveys, completes analyses, and writes reports of findings (Major Surveys).
  • Conducts local ad hoc assessments, e. g., institutional surveys.
  • Assists COLA and CLAG with College-level assessment of learning outcomes (Additional Studies).
  • Assists departments with assessment of student learning, and provides data support for program reviews.
  • Serves as a central repository for assessment reports, studies, resources, and other related efforts, including creating and maintaining/updating the Assessment Website.