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Student Learning Goals & Outcomes Assessed during 2005-2006

Co-curricular learning goals: The intended program outcomes are derived from the following co-curricular learning goals:

  • Ethical decision making:  Practice ethical behaviors in environments that promote personal learning and frequency of volunteering
  • Collaboration and teamwork: Participate in the development and maintenance of healthy group norms
  • Effective communication: Recognize that actions communicate individual and group values
  • Local and global citizenship: Appropriately practice an celebrates behavior that affirms fair and just communities

Intended program outcomes: Students are expected to be better able to do the following through participation in the First-Year Floor Alcohol Discussions Program:  

  • Understand what healthy, responsible decision making in a College social setting "looks like"
  • Understand the sanctions a student would receive if he/she were to violate the College's alcohol policy
  • Understand the kinds of alcohol-related behaviors the College is most concerned about