First Look: Where are Members of the 2014 Graduating Class Heading to?

Release date: May 9, 2014

From April 14, 2014 to early May, 2014, the Office of Institutional Analysis administered the annual HEDS Senior Survey to the 2014 graduating seniors (628 May graduates). 604 seniors took the survey, resulting in a participation rate of 96%. Preliminary data analysis based on the survey shows strong evidence of career placement outcomes reported near graduation: 

  • Many seniors reported having accepted an employment position. Examples of employers include: AT & T, Goldman Sachs, Liberty Mutual Insurance, M & T Bank, Vanguard.
  • Approximately 103 seniors reported they will be attending graduate/professional school in the fall, including 6 attending graduate schools abroad (e. g., 2 attending London School of Economics & Political Science). See below for a list. Slightly over half of them will be pursuing a master's degree; the rest will be pursuing a PhD, law or medical degree (professional doctorate such as JD, MD, etc.). (Note: Additionally, 14 reported they were on the wait list at the time of taking the survey; these seniors were not included among the 103.) 
  • Of those who applied for graduate school, about 83% were accepted.
  • 21 seniors reported their primary planned activity this fall is volunteer or national service (Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Teach for America, etc.).
  • 5 seniors reported their primary planned activity this fall is military service.
  • Some seniors reported their primary planned activity this fall is traveling.
  • A growing percentage of our graduates participated in high-impact learning experiences during their undergraduate education at Gettysburg:
Class of 2013 Class of 2014
Had an internship(s) 67% 70%
Worked with faculty on research 55% 57%
Participated in community service 80% 83%
Served in a leadership role(s), e. g., residence life staff, campus organization officer, program coordinator, team captain, tour guide, leadership mentor 67% 69%


Note: Class of 2014 One-Year-Out Career Outcomes Study will be conducted in Spring 2015 (within a year after graduation), which will provide more complete placement results for this graduating class. Check out one-year-out career placement of previous classes.


A Sample of Graduate Schools 2014 Graduates were Accepted into (Listed by Undergraduate Major):

Major1: Major2: Degree: School & Field:
ARTH ENGC Master’s  Syracuse Univ., Art History
BIO ARTS PhD Univ. at Buffalo, Anthropology
BIO-S Law Degree Liberty Univ. School of Law
BIO-S Master’s  Stony Brook Univ., Ecology & Evolution
BIO-S Medical Degree  MCPHS Univ., Optometry
BIO-S Medical Degree  University College Dublin, Veterinary Medicine
BIO-S Medical Degree  Univ. of Missouri, Veterinary Medicine
BIO-S Medical Degree  Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine
BIO-S PhD George Washington Univ., Biomedicine
BIO-S PhD Univ. of Connecticut, Molecular & Cell Biology
BMB-S Medical Degree  Dental School at MUSC
BMB-S Medical Degree  LECOM, Medicine
BMB-S Medical Degree  Monash Univ. Medical School
BMB-S Medical Degree  Univ. of Maryland School of Medicine
BMB-S PhD Drexel Univ., Molecular Cell Biology & Genetics
BMB-S PhD Penn State Univ., Chemistry
BMB-S PhD Univ. of California San Diego, Chemistry & Biochemistry
CHEM-S PhD Univ. of Kentucky, Chemistry
CHEM-S PhD Univ. of Maryland, Chemistry
CLA Law Degree William & Mary Law School
ECON Master’s  London School of Economics and Political Science, Economic History
ECON Master’s  Univ. of Virginia, Elementary Education 
ECON Master’s  Virginia Commonwealth Univ., Healthcare Administration 
ENG HIST Master’s  Univ. of Pittsburgh, Library & Information Science
ENG SP/LAS Master’s  American Univ., Spanish
ENG Master’s  Univ. of Pittsburgh; Boston College 
ENGC Law Degree  Seton Hall Law School; Rutgers-Newark School of Law
ENGC Master’s  Arizona State Univ., MFA in Fiction
ES-S Law Degree Northeastern Univ. School of Law
ES-S Master’s  Penn State Univ., Public Administration
ES-S Master’s  Univ. of Vermont, Geology
FREN PhD Univ. of Texas at Austin, French Linguistics
HIST Master’s  Indiana Univ.-Purdue Univ. Indianapolis; History & Library Science
HIST Master’s  Johns Hopkins Univ., Teaching
HIST Master’s  London School of Economics and Political Science, European Union Politics & Government
HIST Master’s  Northeastern Univ., Secondary Education
HIST Master’s  Univ. of North Carolina Greensboro
HIST Master’s  Univ. of Massachusetts at Amherst, History 
HIST Master’s  University College London, Social Development & Practice
HS Master’s  Rutgers Univ.
HS Master’s  Seton Hall Univ., Athletic Training
HS Medical Degree  Columbia Univ., Physical Therapy
HS Medical Degree  Palmer College of Chiropractic
HS Medical Degree  Johns Hopkins Univ. School of Nursing 
HS Medical Degree  Univ. of Maryland; Massachusetts General Hospital; Physical Therapy
HS Medical Degree  Univ. of Pittsburgh, Physical Therapy 
HS-S Medical Degree  Temple Univ. School of Medicine
IA GER Law Degree UC Hastings
IND Master’s  Univ. of Michigan
MATH ECON Master’s  Queen's Univ., Management Science
MATH REL PhD Univ. of Maryland, Applied Mathematics
MATH Master’s  Wake Forest Univ., Mathematics
MATH PhD Colorado State Univ., Mathematics
MATH PhD North Carolina State Univ., Mathematics
MATH Unknown Univ. of Denver, Mathematics
MUS OMS-OS PhD UC Davis, Sociology
MUSP Master’s  American Univ., Arts Management
OMS-IOD Master’s  Drexel Univ., Sports Management
PHIL ENGC Law Degree Harvard Law School
PHIL POL Law Degree  Duke Law School; UCLA School of Law
PHY ES-S Master’s  Rutgers Univ., Environmental Science
PHY-S Master’s  Boston Univ., Actuarial Science
PHY-S Master’s  Carnegie Mellon Univ., Music & Technology
PHY-S PhD Michigan State Univ., Physics
PP POL Law Degree Drexel Univ. Law School
PSYCH MATH PhD Univ. of Pittsburgh, Clinical Psychology 
PSYCH MATH PhD Univ. of Utah, Counseling Psychology 
PSYCH WGS Master’s  Rutgers Univ., College Student Affairs
PSYCH Master’s  La Salle Univ., Marriage & Family Therapy
PSYCH Master’s  Teacher's College at Columbia Univ.
PSYCH Master’s  The George Washington Univ., School Counseling
PSYCH Master’s  Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Social Work 
PSYCH Master’s  Villanova Univ., Counseling 
PSYCH Master’s  West Chester Univ., Industrial/Organizational Psychology
REL Master’s  Yale Divinity; Harvard Divinity; U of Chicago Divinity; Chicago Theological Seminary
SOC PHIL Law Degree Univ. of Maryland Carey School of Law
SP/LAS ES PhD Temple Univ., Geography
SP/LAS Master’s  Georgetown Univ. 
SPAN GS Law Degree Univ. of Pittsburgh, Law
SPAN IA Master’s  Indiana Univ., Higher Education & Student Affairs 
SPAN PSYCH Master’s  The College of New Jersey, School Counseling
THA IND Master’s  Drexel Univ., Art Therapy 


Note: A. Some seniors completed two undergraduate majors (double majors); both majors were listed above (Major1 & Major2). B. The above list is only a sample. Some seniors, although accepted into graduate school, did not report the name of their school on the senior survey.

A Sample of Graduate Schools 2013 Graduates were Accepted into (Reported on the HEDS senior survey administered from April 2013 to early May 2013): Boston Univ., Brown, Columbia, Duke, Edinburgh Univ., Emory, George Washington Univ., Harvard, Indiana Univ., Johns Hopkins Univ., King’s College in London, NYU, Rutgers, Trinity College in Dublin, Univ. of British Columbia, UChicago, Univ. of Maryland, UNC at Chapel Hill, Yale.


A complete report of all results from the 2014 HEDS Senior Survey, including how Gettysburg compares with its peers, will be available later in the summer. Additionally, a report of results from the Class of 2013 One-Year-Out Career Outcomes Study will be released this summer as well.

Please contact the Office of Institutional Analysis staff (Suhua Dong at; Qin Zhang at for questions or requests.