Student Learning Goals & Outcomes Assessed during 2005-2006

Co-curricular learning goals: The intended program outcomes are derived from the following co-curricular learning goals:

Collaboration & Teamwork: 

  • Seek involvement with a group for a common purpose
  • Participate in the development and maintenance of health group norms
  • Show respect for opinions, talents and contribution of others; nurtures gifts and talents of others as well as one's own
  • Demonstrate willingness to accept consensus
  • Engage in reasoned discourse with civility
  • Identify the advantages and challenges of diversity within a group
  • Display strong relationships in the face of challenging situations and decisions

Participants in Backpack to Briefcase Career Seminar, Bright Lights! Big City!, Pre-Health Professions Club, and Career Outreach Assistants are expected to demonstrate behavior/attitudes consistent with the above goals.