Student Learning Goals & Outcomes Assessed during 2005-2006

Co-curricular learning goal: The intended program outcomes are derived from the following co-curricular learning goals:

  • Collaboration and Teamwork:  
    • Seek involvement with a group for a common purpose
    • Participate in providing educational program for health lifestyle
    • Show respect for opinions and contributions of others and willing to accept compromise
    • Identify and accommodates diversity within a group

Intended program outcomes: Students health educators are expected to be able to do the following through participation in CHEERS (Communicating for a Healthy Environment by Educating Responsible Students) sexually transmitted disease and contraceptive programming:

  • Make better personal health choices regarding sexual health
  • Identify a common purpose for belonging to this group
  • Verbalize the ability to participate in a group with respect and civility in achieving a common purpose
  • Identify the ability to provide healthy lifestyle messages regarding sexual health to groups with diverse opinions/beliefs