Co-Curricular Learning Assessment Group (CLAG)

Co-Curricular Learning Assessment Group (CLAG) was formed during the last institutional Self-Study (2003-2004). It was established as a sub-committee of Committee on Learning Assessment (COLA)--the overseeing entity of all learning assessment activities at the College.


It is the responsibility of the Co-Curricular Learning Assessment Group (CLAG), in consultation with the Student Life Council, to articulate the learning goals of college co-curricular programs. It is important that these goals be presented to and embraced by COLA and the faculty at large, because they complement and complete the educational goals for students.

Specific Responsibilities

  • The creation and ongoing modification of codified learning goals for co-curricular programs.
  • The ongoing development and maintenance of a co-curricular learning assessment plan, including the review of current practices, identification of gaps, selection of appropriate methodologies and the compilation and dissemination of assessment data.
  • The identification of assessment training needs and the coordination of periodic trainings for administrators on learning assessment. CLAG will advocate providing professional development opportunities for administrators to attend workshops and conferences on student learning assessment.
  • The presentation of co-curricular learning goals to COLA and the faculty at large.


Carol Cantele, Suhua Dong, Jeff Foster (Chair), Barbara Fritze, Jim Duffy, Julie Ramsey, GailAnn Rickert, Gail Sweezey, David Wright, Qin Zhang

Resources: Guidelines developed by Middle States Commission on Higher Education