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Committee on Learning Assessment (COLA) was formed during 2003-2004.


General responsibility for the oversight of the assessment of student learning at Gettysburg College is vested in COLA. Reporting to the Provost, and through the Provost to the President, the Committee has responsibility for both the implementation and periodic review of the Gettysburg College Assessment Plan for Learning Outcomes, for the coordination of the assessment activities that the Plan commissions, and for the approval of co-curricular learning goals.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Monitoring and coordinating all learning assessment activities in compliance with the Plan, by reviewing the goals, means of assessment, and results for each level, while keeping thought for the quality and integrity of the assessment process.
  • Conducting the assessment of general education curricular goals (The Gettysburg Curriculum).
  • Creating and supporting a "culture of assessment" at the College, by establishing policies related to the publication of assessment results; fostering the sharing of practices and data; encouraging the use of assessment results in the reform of practice; supporting assessment training; and establishing and maintaining a website for assessment activities, policies, and results at Gettysburg College.
  • Reporting learning outcomes to the President as the key component of the overall assessment of Gettysburg College's institutional effectiveness.
  • Regularly reviewing, emending, and implementing the Plan; and monitoring the relationship of this institutional plan to the evolving standards for assessment of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Members (2017-2018)

Suhua Dong, Jim Duffy, Nathifa Greene (fall 2017 only, replacing Kim Spayd), Caroline Groce (student representative), Kerri Odess-Harnish, Jennifer Powell, Jack Ryan, Brent Talbot, Kristin Stuempfle (Chair), Hakim Williams

Former COLA Members

Resources: Guidelines developed by Middle States Commission on Higher Education