Student Learning Goals & Outcomes Assessed during 2005-2006

Core Program Outcomes: Through using counseling services, students should be able to:

  • Better understand themselves and the problem(s) that bring them to counseling
  • Take better care of themselves physically
  • Make better decisions
  • Learn better ways of coping with their concerns
  • More effectively cope with stressful situations and people
  • Enhance communication skills with friends/family
  • Relate better to others
  • Improve performance (athletic, special talent, etc.)
  • Better express their feelings verbally
  • Improve their social functioning

Through participating in Second Look Program, students should be able to:

  • Better meet their judicial obligation in a meaningful way
  • More deeply examine their typical drinking patterns
  • Better recognize how attitudes and behaviors influence behavior
  • Better recognize potential negative consequences from their drinking
  • Set up meaningful guidelines for their own use of alcohol