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This site contains institutional studies and resources on assessment of student learning (outcomes, learning environments/processes) at multiple levels.

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Course-Level Assessment

Syllabi Assessment Results: 2013201220112008

Creating a Syllabus


What Evaluation Methods and Instuctional Techniques do Gettysburg Faculty Use in their Classes? 2014; 2011

Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs)

Program-Level Assessment

Alumni Outcome Studies: Job Placements & Graduate School Attendance by Major

Assessment of Learning Outcomes in the Major

Program-Level Assessment Examples: 2012-20132011-20122009-2011

What Assessment Practices are Departments Using? 2012-2013; 2011-20122009-2011

Assessment of General Education

Student Achievement of the Effective Communication Goal: Evidence from Course Papers (2012)

Student Achievement of the Integrative Thinking & Effective Communication Goals in the Capstone Experience (2012)

Student Achievement of the Multiple Inquiries Goal (2012)

Student Achievement of the Integrative Thinking Goal in the Capstone Experience (Fall 2010)

College Surveys

College surveys are an important part of institutional-level assessment of student learning and institutional effectiveness. One-year-out alumni career outcomes studies (classes: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014), and five-year-out alumni survey (class of 2006) provide job placement & graduate school attendance information by Major. Additionally, NSSE & HEDS Senior Survey provide benchmarking data on student satisfaction with quality of course instruction, level of academic challenge, learning outcomes, and career placement reported near graduation.

Faculty Meetings on Assessment

2011 Faculty Meeting on Assessment

External Resources

Examples of Evidence of Student Learning

Additional Resources