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Institutional Analysis includes a range of activities involving the planning, coordination, collection, organization, compilation, analysis, interpretation, and dissemination of information. Generally, the product of the Office describes the College and its activities, including its students and staff, programs, management, operations, financials, facilities, and other assets. The Institutional Analysis Office responsibilities include the following:

  • Assists the leadership of the College, including administrators, faculty, and committees in their planning and assessment activities.
  • Serves as a primary contact with state and federal agencies regarding information reporting.
  • Responds to internal and external data requests.
  • Produces educational and organizational studies, reports, and summaries.
  • Develops and maintains a cycle of regular institutional studies, reports, and databases.
  • Serves as an official source for comprehensive and authoritative information about the College.
  • Oversees the College's response to national statistical surveys, questionnaires, and other requests for data or information.
  • Serves as a resource for research techniques and methodologies, and the design and execution of information systems.
  • Serves as an internal consultant in the development of studies and surveys.
  • Serves as a liaison for the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, and provides support for the accreditation process and other internal and external reviews.