Boxed Meals

Breakfast : Bagel, cream cheese, fresh fruit, pastry, and orange juice.

Healthy Choice Breakfast : Whole fresh fruit, yogurt, individual cereal with 2% milk, and granola bar.


Lunch : All box lunches include a sandwich, whole fresh fruit, bag of chips, dessert, and beverage.

Standard box lunch selection-choose one
Roast Beef
Baked Ham and cheese
Tuna Salad
Veggie Sandwich

Bread-choose one
Kaiser rolls, wheat roll, croissant, hamburger bun
Cookies, brownie, or granola bar
Water, soda, ice, tea, lemonade

Dinner : Three pieces of fried chicken, cole slaw, roll with butter, fresh fruit, ice tea, lemonade, soda, water, fresh baked cookies .                                                                OR

Turkey croissant club, diced fresh fruit, pasta salad, bag of chips, soda, lemonade, or ice tea, water, and brownie.

Bagged Meals

Breakfast : Bagel with butter and cream cheese PC's, pastry pc's, whole fresh fruit, and orange juice.

Lunch : Turkey sandwich, chips, whole fresh fruit, cookies, bottled water, paper supplies and condiments.

Dinner : chicken fingers with bbq sauce pc, pasta salad, dinner roll with butter pc, whole fresh fruit, cookies, bottled water, and paper supplies.

Energy : Uncrustable, pretzels, banana, trail mix, granola bar, powerade, and paper supplies.