Beverages, Breaks, and Breakfast

*All prices will reflect paper supply use
*Prestigeware or China service is available for an additional charge


Hot Beverages:
Apple Cider -Hot by the gallon -

Coffee by the gallon
Freshly brewed regular or decaf. and condiments - 

Hot Teas by the gallon
Regular and decaf. and condiments -

Hot Chocolate by the gallon -


Cold Beverages:

Apple Cider - Cold by the gallon -

Fruit Punch by the gallon - 
Sparkling Cider Punch by the gallon -
Specialty 5 Fruit Punches by the gallon -

Iced Tea by the gallon -
Iced Tea by the pint -

Juice by the gallon (Orange,Apple, Cranberry) 
Juices - Individual Bottles -

Lemonade by the gallon -
Lemonade by the pint -

Sodas - Individual Cans - 

Water Bottled - Individual -
Water - 5 gallon - Roaring Spring jug with pump -



Assorted Muffins - Dz. 
Bagels -Dz. w/ cream cheese, butter and jelly pcs.
Breakfast Breads - Serves 12
Coffee Cake - Serves 12
Donuts - Dz.
Donut Holes - Dz.
Iced Cinnamon Rolls - Dz.
Petite Danish - Dz.
Petite Filled Croissant - Dz.
Scones - Dz.
Yogurt Bar -Vanilla yogurt and assorted toppings pp.



Gettysburg Continental - Fresh brewed coffee (regular and decaf), assorted hot teas, condiments, bottled water, juices. muffins, fresh cut fruit and paper supplies.

Hot Breakfast Buffet......for groups of 25 or more.
All items come with appropriate condiments and paper supplies.  Price does not include attendant. -

Breakfast Buffet Options:
Hot Tea
Bottled Water
Assorted juices
Fresh Diced Fruit
Scrambled Eggs
French Toast Sticks
Sausage, Links or Bacon
Home Fried Potatoes