Add to your Dining$ or Vending$ accounts?

Credit Card & Charge:
Online Dining Services-> log on with your Gettysburg College credentials-> Manage Account- >Add Funds.
Funds are available immediately.*

In the CUB Lobby near the post office is the cash value center to add funds to your Vending$ account only.
Funds are available immediately.

Cash, Check or Credit Card:
Visit the ID Office which is accessible via the French doors along College Avenue side of the Dining Center.  Their hours are Monday thru Friday 8am to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm.
Funds are available immediately.

*Dining Services Online also has other services.
 The History section can be used to see how many meals and how much funds you have remaining and where they were used.

 If you happen to misplace your ID the Suspend card section stops others from spending your funds or using your meals.

 Several delicious Servo favorites can be purchased for pick up at the Dining Center in the Shopper area.