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How to Make Tax Exempt Purchases on

As of September 1, 2012, began collecting sales tax on all online purchases made in Pennsylvania.  As a nonprofit educational institution, Gettysburg College is exempt from sales tax. business related purchases will qualify for the exemption after performing a one-time upload of the Pennsylvania Exemption Certificate to the account that is paid with a College purchasing card.  Note:  It may take up to one week for to process the tax exemption request. 

Once the Exemption Certificate is loaded, products sold by or sold by other sellers and fulfilled by Amazon will not be charged sales tax. 

Separate Account for Business Transactions

The account used for College purchases cannot have the same email address login as an account used for personal purchases. The creation of a separate account is important to ensure only business related transactions receive tax exemption.  Once a tax exempt certificate is loaded to an account, there is no way to differentiate between non-taxable purchases (College related) and taxable purchases (personal purchases).

Uploading Sales Tax Exemption Certificate to

To upload the Pennsylvania Exemption Certificates for purchases follow the steps below:

  • Go to
  • Sign in using the Amazon account information (email address and password). The Amazon Tax Exemption Program page appears.
  • Select "Get Started" 
  • Select Pennsylvania from the list of jurisdictions 
  • Select Save and Continue
  • Select Education Institution for tax exempt entity type
  • Select Save and Continue
  • Select Continue on the next page
  • Fill in the information relating to the College
    • Organization Description - 501(c)(3) Exempt Organization
    • Your name and job title
  • Select Save and Continue
  • Answer no to school bus operator
  • Select Nonprofit Educational Institution
  • Enter the College's state exemption number (found on the PA Exemption Certificate on the AP website - requires login).
  • Enter the College's federal employer identification number (found on the PA Exemption Certificate on the AP website).
  • Select Save and Continue
  • Select Continue
  • Sign the exemption certificate
  • Select Save and Continue
  • Read the terms and conditions, check that you have read them and select Activate Certificates.

More information regarding the program can be found at About Your Amazon Tax Exemption Status.