Getting started

Employees - Login using your College username and password. Your buyer/browser profile may have already been created for you, in which case simply proceed to the Marketplace, shop, and check out. If you first encounter the My Account screen, complete requested information and proceed to Marketplace. By default, new users may purchase only from campus estores. Please request general access if required by your position responsibilities.

BUYER or BROWSER? Both roles enable full system functionality including product searching, quoting, and creating orders. Only buyers perform the final check out tasks. 

Students - Student's supervisor, department head, or program coordinator must request permission for specific student access by emailing Upon approval, students may access the portal with their College username and password. All students will have Browser privileges.

Link to GoGETTemarket

To begin

  • Select Marketplace > View Suppliers > choose “store” and point/click to select products and fill your cart.  More specific instructions are below if needed. The purchasing path in the portal is easily understood.
  • For help on the fly, call Pat - 6225x

Thumbnail sketch of portal

  • GoGETTemarket is the College’s brand of Unimarket Collaborative Procurement solution providing procure-to-pay functionality with participating preferred business partners. There are two vendor types:
    -External Suppliers - Frequently used suppliers with electronic catalogs.
    -Internal Services – campus estores to which all Browsers and Buyers have access.

Catalogs for frequently purchased items

Take out food and beverage

Reserve a ride or use of a vehicle  

   Arrange for event security



    • What, no Amazon?  
      • No, it is a retail portal without B2B integration.
    • What is that globe thing?
      • Clicking the globe will start the system outreach to the premium supplier’s catalog.
    • Will I get timed out?
      • Yes, about 20 minutes of inactivity will result in you getting bounced to the login screen but items in your cart are still there to be checked out or saved for another time.
    • I cannot find an order from last semester on my dashboard? 
      • Your dashboard displays recent orders – View All Orders provides last two months at a glance with search tools to go further back.
    • Where can I view the GL that was charged when the order was placed?
      • Reopen the order from the dashboard and you will see the GL that was assigned.
    • Can the GL be changed before it posts to the GL?
      • Not at this time.
    • Will I get an order confirmation from the supplier?
      • Yes, if it is part of the supplier’s process to do so. The GoGETTemarket solution cannot require that action of a supplier.
    • Will eride confirm my trip?
      • The internal services or “estores” have adopted a customer service practice of acknowledgment of some nature. This is likely to take the form of a quick “got it” email or something similar.
    • Can a browser add an attachment?
      • Yes, adding attachments is a key functionality for both browsers and buyers and is enabled for quoting, requisitioning, catalog orders, and non-catalog orders.
    • Can a custom Buyer Group be created, specifically a sub set of the General group? 
      • Yes, this would marry specific users with specific suppliers and we can set this up for your department if the planned Buyer Group strategy will not meet needs.
    • So, am I correct in encumbering the amount of the order?
      • You will be safe. Invoice amounts frequently differ from Order amounts due to shipping, returns, changes, etc. Reasonable tolerances have been established to provide for modest differences from external suppliers. Our estores have a great deal of flexibility with the billing tools to accommodate changes to orders/jobs/reservations that affect price. ( i.e. you originally ordered 200 color copies but called the print shop and asked that it be 300 – you will be billed for 300)
    • Where can I see what was invoiced?
      • Your CNAV budget report shows the invoicing line item detail.