Service Level Agreement - How To Help Us Help You

We value your feedback and encourage you to respond via the automatic satisfaction survey form each time we close out a request.

Additional ways that our customers can help us improve the Helpdesk services include:

  • When placing a service request, identify your problem including type of machine, application, how long the problem has existed.
  • Provide a full description of any error message(s) you see on the screen.
  • Submit routine requests via e-mail to, including any date requirement.
  • Explore the self-help options available via the How-To's link provided on the Information Technology home page. 
  • Use your CNAV access to the Helpdesk tool to check on the status of a request and to see a history of your service requests.
  • Contact us regarding the status of an open request if we fail to keep you informed.
  • Stay in touch with us--we try to keep communication flowing freely.

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