The Vice President of Information Technology (IT) instituted a number of committees and councils to solicit feedback, suggestions and critical information from the campus community. These groups, along with an active communications and relationship-building effort, provide means for IT to work with the community ensuring a positive relationship and high satisfaction from our constituents, as well as keeping divisions informed of project(s) status' in IT.

Technology Advisory Council - This is campus-wide group serving in an advisory capacity to the VP, IT. The Council's focus on one or two major technical initiatives each year; and, is asked to disseminate information and to gather input from their peers.

Functional Analyst Support Team (FAST) - The FAST is a committee of technology and functional campus members from each division under charter of VP, IT. The FAST coordinates and communicates operational aspects, including business process issues of the all campus data systems. Topics at FAST meetings include policies, update schedules, and customizations and project integrations. The FAST meets twice a month to ensure timely discussion and problem resolution.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Assessment Committee - The ERP Assessment Committee, chartered by the VP, IT, assesses the change in the relationship between College and ERP vendors, prompted by Oracle purchase of Peoplesoft 2004. The committee reviews all information and issues involving the status and impact of ERP change and be prepared to recommend to College leadership an appropriate course of action to implement the future Oracle Fusion or another vendor product.