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Thinking About Drinking Habits
Comparing Personal Habits, Perceptions, and Social Norms

Life as a college student is filled with many opportunities, both good and not so good. For most students at a residential college it is their first experience with an extended time away from their parents and family. This generally translates into a time to make new friends and to experience freedom to make choices and to act on them. One of those choices is, inevitably, a choice about alcohol consumption. Public perception is that college students spend more time drinking than studying. Drinking is usually associated with fraternities and sororities. A view reinforced by popular movies and television shows about college life. Gettysburg College has a long history of working to help students make sensible choices about the use of alcohol. Counseling Services and The College Life Division of the Office Of The Dean Of Students have been key players in this effort. More recently, Andrew Barclay ’05, Director of Greek Organization in the College Life Division has been concerned with helping students in greek organizations, fraternities and sororities, understand their drinking habits and those of the organization to which they belong.

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Andrew Barclay ’05 demonstrating a clicker that is used during the presentations to college greek organizations

Getting to Know John Baker

The Baker Family
Left to right: John, Kiersten, Denise, and Jaden

Since May 1998 when he joined the Management Information Systems (MIS) Department of IT, John Baker has been a Programmer/Analyst working with BSR data system. There have been many changes in the organization of the IT Departments. MIS has evolved into the Data Systems Department with an expanded mission. BSR has become SunGard Higher Education Systems after several transitions. John, on the other hand has continued lending his expertise to the Advancement Systems Department of the Office of Development, Alumni, and Parent Relations maintaining and developing the Donor Relations Database. He works closely with the office’s functional analyst, Ann Cherry, Director, Advancement Systems.

In this article you will get to learn about the personal, off-campus life of John; some of his interests, some facts about his family, and John’s volunteer service. Full Story

Creating an Attractive & Consistent Web Presence

The college web pages that are presented on the internet, our web presence, need to be both attractive and immediately identifiable as belonging to Gettysburg College. In addition, the use of the college’s web pages need to be intuitive, easy, and sensible. In general, the college web site meets these requirements. One inconsistency has been in the scheduling of events, venues for the events, and the college calendar. The scheduling of events and their venues is currently being done using a very useful and powerful tool, R25. On the other hand, the college schedule, while distinct from R25 is, obviously, dependent upon the information in that system, but is not integrated with it. The college’s Web Presence Committee requested that event scheduling and the college schedule, be integrated and brought in line with the existing college web presence. This task fell to the three people mainly responsible for the use of R25 and the college schedule; Lisa Becker, IT Programmer/Analyst for Ancillary Systems, Sue Plank, Assistant Director of College Life Technology, and Cathy Zarrella, Scheduling Coordinator, College Life Office. The decision was made to update R25 to a new product, 25Live, from the developer of R25. Cathy, Lisa, and Sue have been working on the project since September of 2011 and are now in the alpha testing phase of development. Full Story

The 25Live Team
Left to Right: Sue Plank, Lisa Becker, and Cathy Zarrella

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