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CES 2013

Every January for more than 4 decades the Consumer Electronics Show has been held in Las Vegas and is the place for established and hopeful break out companies to showcase their new electronic, communications, and software products. The show always attracts heavy, wide-spread coverage from the media. It also attracts a large crowd of serious investors and ’techies’ who do not want to miss the ’next big trend’ in electronic gear and appliances. Amongst the wireless kitchen appliances, smart wristwatches, and other slick gear are products that have the potential to become important and useful tools for education. This is especially true for a college, such as Gettysburg, that has an established reputation for providing its students, faculty, and staff with the technology that enhances their learning, classroom presentation, and job performance. For this reason, IT always sends representatives to CES. This year Rod Tosten, Vice President for IT, and Gavin Foster, Associate Vice President, attended CES 2013 from January 8 to January 11. Rod is expected advise the Board of Trustees about emerging technologies that are relevant to campus operations and their expected costs. In this article Rod shares his views about of a few of the products that he saw as having a potential for making an impact. Full Story

Outside of the Registration Tent for CES - 2013

Well Worth The Walk
IT’s Digital Center

Kim Breighner,Digital Center Coordinator
Carrie Szarko, Instructional Technologist

Left: Digital Center Lobby;      Right: Open Computing Lab

A short walk of less than 200 steps from the Broadway entrance to the John F. Jaeger Center for Athletics, Recreation, and Fitness is one of the real treasures of the Gettysburg College campus-IT’s Digital Center. Located just inside the east entrance to the West Building, the Digital Center is the place to go for equipment and training in relation to special printing, scanning, or video editing projects. The equipment is maintained and supported by the ITT staff. The support desk is staffed daily by student Digital Center Facilitators who are also trained to provide assistance on how to use the equipment. The model is one of self-help. The staff doesn’t do the work for users, but rather makes sure that they are able to do it themselves using the equipment in the Center. The Digital Center houses an open lab with 12 computers,6 PCs and 6 Macs, available for study and research. This article will discuss the equipment that is available to the campus community. Full Story

A Wintry Sky
Above the West End of Campus

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