Meet Hannah Loch ’12
Student Manager, GTECH

Hannah Loch is a senior Chemistry Major from Kutztown, PA. To say the very least, she is an extremely active and involved student. She plays tenor saxophone in the Gettysburg Symphony Band and Jazz Ensemble, is President of “The Skeptical Chymists”, has been a Residence Hall Advisor for two and a half years, is a Residence Hall Community Leader for Hazlet, and is an honors scholar in her chosen major. However, those of us in IT know Hannah best in her capacity as Student Manager of GTECH, the first line of assistance for students having problems with their computers.

In this article Hannah will respond to questions about her involvement with GTECH, some of her academic accomplishments, and her plans for the immediate future.

How did you become involved with GTECH? In high school, my school adopted Apple computers for its academic programs. During the first year of the program, I was chosen to be a member of the Apple Corps, a group of students that learned the ins and outs of the Apple and then assisted in training programs for the teachers and staff. We also assisted students who were using the computers in their classes. When I was admitted to Gettysburg, I came to Get Acquainted Day and IT had staff members there answering questions about computers and the campus network. My mother asked about the possibility of my getting a job similar to what I had been doing with the Apple Corps. She was referred to Christine Marsh, who supervises GTECH. Chris sent me an e-mail and an application. When I was on campus for Band Camp, I interviewed and was accepted.

What do you think about the IT move to West Building? Actually, GTECH has moved three times since my first year. We began with offices on the ground floor of Musselman Library, moved to the southwest part of West Building the next year, and this year we are in the area that was occupied by the Transportation Office in the northwest of the building. I expect that I will graduate before the final move to GTECH’s permanent quarters.

What types of problems does GTECH deal with? That has changed over my four years. When I was first involved student computers were registered on the campus network and there were a lot of calls and student drop-ins related to network connection problems and reregistering of computers. With the new wireless network connection for students, there has been a drop in the number of calls or drop-ins. Generally, we diagnose hardware problems and advise students to call their manufacturers helpline if repairs are needed. GTECH can assist with minor repairs, such as installing a new hard drive, if necessary. The majority of our service involves repairing virus damage and doing live cleanup of the disk. Occasionally, we help with installing updates and deal with login problems.

What is the workload for a GTECH member? GTECH is available by phone or walk in service from 10 to 7 weekdays, closed on Saturdays, and has occasional hours on Sunday, but students must call first to be sure that someone is available. I, personally, work 15 to 20 hours a week. I love the work and thoroughly enjoy my colleagues. We are continually learning from each other. I feel very lucky when I compare GTECH with other student jobs on campus. I also think that Chris is a fabulous advisor.

What about your academic work and future plans? I am currently involved in my senior thesis in chemistry. It grew out of the two summer research projects that I had with Professor Jameson. I am working on the Organic Synthesis of Trögers base. I will skip the details. I plan to go to graduate school. I have been accepted to two with financial aid and am waiting to hear from seven more schools. Then I will make my decision.

IT is very pleased and proud to have students of Hannah’s quality working with us to assist with the technology needs of the campus community. Well done Hannah and all of GTECH.

Spring Cleaning for
Windows 7, Windows XP and Macintosh OSX Computers

A spring cleaning of your computer can help your computer run faster and make you more efficient. Larry Hower, Computer Operations Coordinator, has listed some tools and written an IT document on how to use these tools that are already built into your computer’s operating system. You can use these anytime. You do not need to download anything; the tools are already on your computer. To see Larry’s complete, more detailed, information for performing these operations, please click on this link.

Windows 7 and Windows XP

  1. 1. Use The Disk Cleanup Tool
  2. 2. Clean up Temp File Locations
  3. 3. Remove programs you no longer use
  4. 4. Defragment your hard drive
  5. 5. Check and repair your hard drive
  6. 6. Clean up your desktop icons

Mac OS X Versions 10.5.x, 10.6.x and 10.7.x

  1. 1.     Repair Permissions
  2. 2.    File System Check and Repair Disk
  3. 3.    Clean your user profile cache
  4. 4.    Clean up your desktop icons
  5. 5.    Remove Programs you no longer use
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Helpful Hint
from Steph at the IT Helpdesk

In Touch With IT has asked Steph to share a helpful hint for protecting one’s computer. She believes that the following hint is an extremely important safeguard for protecting files and preventing identity theft.

“Please be careful with your network password and never send it in an email. IT will never ask you to email your user name or password. If we need to work with you concerning your password we will call you on the phone and discuss the situation.”

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