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Meet Hannah Loch ’12
Student Manager, GTECH

Hannah Loch is a senior Chemistry Major from Kutztown, PA. To say the very least, she is an extremely active and involved student. She plays tenor saxophone in the Gettysburg Symphony Band and Jazz Ensemble, is President of “The Skeptical Chymists”, has been a Residence Hall Advisor for two and a half years, is a Residence Hall Community Leader for Hazlet, and is an honors scholar in her chosen major. However, those of us in IT know Hannah best in her capacity as Student Manager of GTECH, the first line of assistance for students having problems with their computers. In this article Hannah will respond to questions about her involvement with GTECH, some of her academic accomplishments, and her plans for the immediate future. Full Story

Hannah Loch ’12

Spring Cleaning for
Windows 7, Windows XP and Macintosh OSX Computers

By Larry Hower

Larry Hower's Article Has Much Better Solutions
Than those shown Above

A spring cleaning of your computer can help your computer run faster and make you more efficient. Larry Hower, Computer Operations Coordinator, has listed some tools and how to use these tools that are already built into your computer’s operating system. You can use these anytime. You do not need to download anything; the tools are already on your computer. The full story article lists Larry’s suggestions for cleaning up your computer and making it run faster. For detailed information on performing these operations go to this link. For the newsletter condensed version click on this link. Full Story

Helpful Hint
from Steph at the IT Helpdesk

In Touch With IT has asked Steph to share a helpful hint for protecting one’s computer. She believes that her hint for this issue is an extremely important safe guard for protecting files and preventing identity theft. Full Story

Your Campus Phone Can Be Your Life Line
Call 7000 For The Help Desk

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