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Yes, There Is An App For That!

The November, 2011 edition of In Touch With IT announced a program to award loaner iPads to members of the campus community who had ideas for using iPad Apps to facilitate doing activities in their department or office. Seven successful proposals were submitted. They were submitted by Robert Bohrer and Rhonda Good , Provosts Office; Ronalee Ciocca, Musselman Library; Christine Hartman,Finance and Administration; Justin Kleiner, Campus Recreation; Marta Robertson, Sunderman Conservators; Timothy Sestrick, Library and Sunderman Conservatory; and Divonna Stebick, Education Department. In addition, Rod Tosten, VP for IT, and Gavin Foster, Assoc. VP for IT, as well as Larry Hower, Computer Systems Coordinator, have been field testing iPad Apps of a general nature to explore their capabilities and also provide support to the program participants.

On April 30, IT held a general campus meeting of people interested in iPads to hear the reports from program participants about their use of the iPads and the Apps that they used. To learn more, click on this link: Full Story

Tim Sestrick presenting his report at the April 30,2012 meeting

The Critical Question

By Don Speelman, Computer Support Specialist V

Three relatively inexpensive and useful devices for doing backups - an external CD drive, a high capacity USB flash drive &an external hard drive

To do or not to do Backups? That is a good question. The College does not backup Pictures, Music or Videos. Would you be lost without your Pictures? If the Pictures or Files are at only one location you have a good chance of losing them. You should have at least 2 locations where Files are stored. We will use pictures as example. With the coming of the Digital Cameras the old photo albums that we kept pictures are long gone. If you are like most of the people I know all of your pictures are stored on a computer somewhere. And just like a house fire would destroy all your family memories in a Photo Album, a hard drive failure of some type could have the same affect unless you have done the right thing and did backups. Hard Drives will fail sooner or later. It is just the matter of when that is the unknown. Full Story

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