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IT Accepting Proposals For Use Of iPad Apps

At the September meeting of the Technology Advisory Committee (TAC), Vice President, Rod Tosten, revealed a new program that will explore the creative use of applications (Apps) available for the Apple iPad by members of campus administrators, faculty, and staff. Successful applicants will have at their disposal an IT supplied iPad for the duration of the pilot project to test the usefulness of their chosen app for the project. While recognizing that the iPad and its apps are closely interconnected, Tosten stressed that this initiative is focused on iPad apps, as opposed to the many features of the iPad hardware. Proposals need to describe the overall goal of the project, how the apps will help to meet this goal, an indication of which iPad apps the investigator is planning to use, and how these apps will be tested or used. Prior to announcing the project IT researched the question of incorporating iPad apps in a higher education setting. The only project that could be identified was one at Reed College in Portland, Oregon that was looking at classroom applications of apps. The current IT project has a broader mission of looking at an across campus use of the iPad and its apps. Full Story

Associate Vice President for IT, Gavin Foster,
using one of the apps on his iPad

A Gala Weekend!
Volunteer Leadership Summit 2011

Three members of the hard working VLS Team
Left to Right: Jamie Callahan, Sam Isherwood, and Maida Connor

During the weekend of September 22 - 25 the Volunteer Leadership Summit 2011 was held on the campus of Gettysburg College. The purpose of the Summit was to thank volunteers, alumni, parents, and friends of the college for their past service to Gettysburg and provide them with tools to continue doing “Great Work” for the college. In addition, the Summit provided an opportunity to highlight student projects and presentations. The weekend was hosted by President Riggs and the Board of Trustees, who together with the President’s Council formed the Honorary Steering Committee. This group worked closely with and provided valuable input to the 22 member Steering Committee chaired by Maida Connor, Director of Donor Relations and Special Events, during the year and one half of intensive planning and organization required for the ultimate success of the Summit. Other members of the Donor Relations and Special Events team who served on the Steering Committee with Maida were Jamie Callahan, Administrative Assistant, and Samantha (Sam) Isherwood, Assistant Director. Full Story

Where the Rubber Meets the Road
IT Implements a Five Fold Increase in Internet Speed on Campus

All departments of IT perform important services to help the community with its computing needs. Data Systems provides valuable database and financial software as well as internet services that are used every working minute during the day. Instructional Technology and Training mainly ministers to academic needs and provides training in the use of equipment and internet services. However, all of this would not be possible if it were not for the work of the Infrastructure and Computing Department of IT. It is here that, to use a colloquialism, “The rubber meets the road.” It is this department under the guidance of director, Michael Hayden, that takes care of our computing hardware and is responsible for keeping the college’s network running and secure.
One of the latest projects of the IC Department was to increase the previous campus network speed from 200 mb/s split between the two entry points in the Central Energy Plant and Pennsylvania Hall to 1000 mb/s divided into 500 mb/s for each location. Full Story

Eric Yurick monitoring the performance of the campus’ new broadband network

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