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Matt Miller ’05
Helping to Keep Operations Efficient

In 1991 Mathew (Matt) David Miller, Ancillary Information System Specialist, began working for Dining Services at Gettysburg College. Shortly thereafter, he began taking courses while also performing his job with Dining Services. Taking a maximum of two courses a semester, he graduated in 2005 with a major in Computer Science. His love of computing and computers drove him more and more into supporting the Dining Services day-to-day computer operations and working with Peter North, Director of Auxiliary Services, on computing applications related to Dining Services. These included keeping track of student accounts for dining via a balance that is updated on the student ID cards, posting menus and announcements on strategically placed monitors. He also helped to keep the computers in the Dining Services Office current on the college network. Full Story

Matt Miller - Specializing in ways to make every day
operations run better

Getting to Know
Dave Nettekoven

Dave and Nancy Nettekoven

Many people on campus know Dave Nettekoven, especially if they use PeopleSoft applications for student data. He works with functionals in Academic Advising, Financial Aid, Student Finances, Office of the Registrar, College Life, and Athletics. He has also recently assumed responsibility for Accounts Payable applications. But, what about the personal side of Dave? In this article we will present some things that you may not have known about him. For example; do you know where he was born? what his home town is famous for? how Dave met his wife, Nancy? how Dave likes to spend his free time? what Dave enjoys reading? Learn this and much more by clicking on the following link. Full Story

We Will All Be Together

The impending move of Facilities Services to the Central Energy Plant coupled with the move of Transportation out of the West Building provided an opportunity for all of IT operations to move to West Building. Data Systems already occupies the western portion of the second floor of West and five members of Infrastructure and Computing as well as G-TECH are housed on southern portion of the first floor of West. The Art Studios and Ikon will continue to be quartered in West. This is also the case for the student designed night club, The Attic. The good news is that all of the IT staff will be housed in a portion of the same building. It is expected that the move will be made during 2012. Full Story

Vice President Tosten discussing planned 2012 move with IT staff during an All IT Meeting

The Beauty of Gettysburg

Have you ever walked onto campus alone during a beautiful early morning when the sun is rising over Penn Hall, the American Flag with its 34 stars blowing in the breeze, and think about what happened on this land almost 150 years ago? There are no mowers, jackhammers, chainsaws or sirens buzzing. Just the beauty of the landscape, peace of the American Flag and the sunrise. Try it sometime and just listen.

Elizabeth Helm
July, 2011

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