Sterling Hallfors ’13
New Member of the Data Systems Team

The newest member of IT is certainly no stranger to Gettysburg College. Sterling Hallfors is a 2013 graduate of the College with a double major in Mathematics and Computer Science. He started his student career as a Math Major, but found that he also enjoyed many aspects of Computer Science. He particularly enjoyed the ‘Principles of Database Systems’ course. During his senior year Sterling was able to put both of his majors to use while working as a member of a project team in the Computer Science Department’s capstone course. His team constructed an Android app that connected to a web based tour of the Gettysburg area.

One of the instructors of Sterling’s course was Rod Tosten, Vice President of IT. Rod was very impressed with the quality of Sterling’s work and invited him to apply for an opening in IT for a Network Applications Programmer. Sterling was immediately interested in the possibility because of his love for the College and also for the town of Gettysburg.

Sterling’s immediate project is to assist the web team with the current upgrade of the CMS. He is doing evaluations of the existing system and assisting with the conversion process of existing content. He is in the completion process of a project with the Advance System, a web tool for the Office of Development, Alumni, and Parent Relations. In addition, he is also busy learning his more detailed responsibilities as a Network Applications Programmer.

Sterling is a native of New Market in Frederick County, Maryland. He has lived off campus near the College since his first year. He was married during that year to his high school sweetheart, Joy, who also graduated from Gettysburg this past June. Joy was a Health Sciences Major and also played center field for the College Softball Team. Joy is interested in a career as a personal trainer. She and Sterling presently live with their dog, a husky/shepherd mix named Denver, in the same apartment that they shared during their college careers.

At the moment Joy and Sterling are busy getting adjusted to life after graduation. When he has free time, Sterling enjoys playing basketball and golfing. During his student days, he worked at The Links at Gettysburg, a golf course, located just outside of the town of Gettysburg. Sterling and Joy spent the fall term of their junior year studying in Australia. They both loved the experience and hope to do more international travel in the future.

IT is pleased to have been able to have an outstanding graduate of the College join our staff and hopes that you will join us in welcoming Sterling in his new capacity as a member of the campus community

A Day Well Spent

The annual Bring Your Child to Work Day has been observed for twenty-one years during the month of April. John Whitehouse, Data Architect in the Data Systems Department of IT, invited his daughter, Hannah, to join him on campus for the day. Hannah is an eighth grade student at Northern High School in Dillsburg. Hannah accepted the invitation. John believed that Hannah was of an age where she could understand his job, assist with some tasks in the department and enjoy a day on the college campus. During the day John showed Hannah some of the college web pages that he has helped to create and also some of the other software projects that he has been working with. Hannah also assisted in the planning of the IT Division’s Picnic by researching the picnic menu and doing some comparative pricing on the web. She figured per person cost for the picnic and suggested contacts for food and other purchases. In addition, she helped with organizing and updating the Division’s magazine and journal collection. In spite of all these activities, Hannah also had time to explore the campus with her dad and get a small taste of college life. She particularly enjoyed eating lunch with him at The Dive.

Hannah enjoys her work at Northern High School and ranks science as one of her favorite subjects, although she is not particularly fond of math. However Hanna’s real passion is for horses. She enjoys riding and working with them. She helps at stables near her home in Dillsburg two days a week after school and on weekends. She would really like to have a horse of her own but for the moment she has not been able to make a convincing case to her parents. So for the moment she is satisfied with the time that she spends each week in the presence of her favorite animals. She says that her ambition is to learn enough about horses so that one day she can train race horses.

All in all Hannah and John enjoyed their day together on campus. John believes that the day can provide a person of Hannah’s age with a true understanding of what her parents really do and gain an appreciation for their work environment.

First Class in the New Computer Lab
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(Photo Courtesy of Sue Holz, Economics Department)

Professor Rimvydas Baltaduonis instructing a lab
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