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CNAV Development Team Member Receives
Distinguished Young Alumna Award

During her undergraduate career, Jeannie Albrecht ’01 amassed several individual honors. She was a double Mathematics and Computer Science major, Phi Beta Kappa, and Class of 2001 Valedictorian. During her junior and senior years, she was also a member of the CNAV Development Team. Her particular assignment was to work on a VoIP (Voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol) module for CNAV. This assignment set the direction for Jeannie's future graduate work and research in computer science. After graduating from Gettysburg, she began her PhD work at Duke University. In 2004, she followed her thesis adviser to the University of California, San Diego, where she completed her PhD in 2007. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Williams College and an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. In July of 2009, she was awarded a $400,000 five year CAREER grant from the National Science Foundation to study mobile application management. Because of her outstanding record of accomplishments, she was recognized by her alma mater as a Distinguished Young Alumna in June of 2011. Full Story

Jeannie Albrecht ’01 and her son, Luke, 10 months old

Assignment Calculator
A Tool For Helping Researchers

Working together, Jessica Howard (right) and Eric Markle (left) produced the Assignment Calculator

Procrastination, the act of putting off until tomorrow what could be done today, is something nearly all of us do when faced with a task that we would rather not do or that originally seems to be overwhelming. It is a common condition on many college campuses where research projects abound. Inexperienced and novice researchers have problems organizing a major research project. They either put off the project to attend to more immediate concerns or they waste a lot of time because they do not know how to properly approach the task or how to organize their efforts. Whatever the case, one is usually left with a feeling that their best efforts are not represented by the end result. A necessary requirement for any researcher is learning how to start a project and break it into manageable tasks with specific deadlines leading to the successful completion of the project. The members of the Reference and Instruction Department of Musselman Library are experts at organizing research projects and are readily available to share their expertise with all members of the Gettysburg College community.Full Story

Keys to IT’s Disaster Recovery
Backup and Redundancy

The news of the spring and summer of 2011 can be characterized by one word - disaster. The United States and the rest of the world experienced massive earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. All of these disasters left havoc and ruin in their wake together with death and injury. What if some disastrous event impacted Gettysburg and the campus? What is the chain of command for managing the campus response and recovery? What preparations and procedures are in place? How prepared is IT to restore the vital processes of campus that it impacts? These and many other questions are spelled out in the Campus Emergency Operations Plan (CEOP) located in the Emergency Preparedness Section at the Department of Public Safety's website:

This plan is regularly reviewed and modified by the Campus Emergency Response Team consisting of members of the President's Council and approximately 15 others in key positions at the college. Full Story

Just one bank of servers located on campus,
that are backed up more than once a day.

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