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Changes in Moodle
Version 2 Upgrade Completed

Over the past six months there have been a number of changes in Moodle. Faculty, staff and students will notice a more streamlined, easier to use version now that IT has completed the move to version 2 of Moodle. In addition, the company that hosts the campus’ copy of Moodle, Baltimore-based Moodlerooms, was recently bought out by Blackboard, the largest commercial vendor of Learning Management Systems software, but campus members should not notice any changes from that transition. In the summer of 2012 Sharon Birch, Instructional Designer in the Instructional Technology and Training Department of IT, tested Version 2 of Moodle in order to guarantee that it will run smoothly on our system with no loss of courses or files. Full Story

The Moodle Help Page that is accessible from the user’s login. Be sure to checkout the new file upload proceedure.

Scientific Visualization
Taking One Step Up

Clif Presser showing two of his visualization projects in Room 112 Glatfelter Hall

Clif Presser, Associate Professor of Computer Science, specializes in the interdisciplinary field of Scientific Visualization. This is a field designed to graphically illustrate scientific data. It provides scientists and others with a tool for understanding, illustrating, and gleaning insight from data related to their work. Visualizations compress megabytes of data into one, easily understandable illustration. It makes it possible to understand the sense of large masses data in a short period of time. However, to be successful, the visual image must convey the essence of the study for which the data was collected. The website located at this link has examples of several 2-D visualizations. These examples enable a viewer to quickly see and understand the goal of the underlying scientific investigations. Full Story

Meet Andrew Myers
Network Applications Programmer

In May of 2012, Andrew Myers graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Information Systems. One of his instructors was John Whitehouse, Data Architect in the Data Systems Department of IT and Adjunct Instructor at Penn State, Harrisburg Campus. Andrew had taken courses in Java Programming, and Distributed Systems from John. While discussing post-graduation plans with Andrew, John mentioned that there was an opening for a network applications programmer at Gettysburg and suggested that he check out the position on the College Website. Andrew knew Gettysburg College well. He had attended several of the College’s Civil War Institutes starting while he was still a student in high school. He also has friends who have attended Gettysburg. He particularly liked the fact that the position in Data Systems offered him a broader spectrum of responsibilities. He applied for the position, was selected to be interviewed and was hired shortly after graduation from PSU. In addition to learning the ropes of his new position, Andrew is working on the closing stages of the Community Concerns Form project to be included within the CMS. Full Story

John Whitehouse (left) and Andrew Myers discussing the construction of a CMS project.

The August 1st Open House
At IT’s New Home On Campus

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