Welcome to the 2013-14 Academic Year
Rod Tosten, VP of Information Technology

The beginning of each academic year is filled with anticipation and excitement. We all look forward to the challenges and rewards that the next nine months hold. One important given in these times is that you have a fast, reliable, and secure network connection. As I write this article, we are in the final stages of completing a new wireless registration system for computers and other wireless devices on the GBCWIFI network for the fall semester.

The procedure for registering on the wireless network is relatively simple and complete instructions can be found at this link which contains instructions for both Windows and Mac operating systems as well as smart phones and other devices. The first stage of the registration requires that you run a protection agent that insures that you have a valid anti-virus program and that the virus definitions are up-to-date. If your device fails to have such protection there are links for you to follow to remedy that situation. The protection agent that you run is safe, temporary, and harmless to your virus-free files. Furthermore, when you update your password, there is no need to re-register your computer on the network.

For IT’s service to be effective and satisfactory to you, there must be good, easily available communication with the IT staff. The IT HelpDesk is open from 7:30am until 4:30pm Monday -Friday. Ext. 7000 or e-mail ITHelpdesk@gettysburg.edu

During the year I plan to hold open office hours at various campus locations which will be announced in the daily digest. Of course, I am always available via e-mail at rtosten@gettysburg.edu . I will be glad to arrange an office appointment with you to discuss your idea or concern.

In conclusion, I wish you a happy and productive academic year and look forward to working with you.

Waving Man Greets Students
at Entrance to IT

Waving man magically appeared at the entrance to West Building in time to greet students as they arrived for help at GTech and the Digital Center.

Assistants Please

The summer of 2013 was among one of the busiest summers in recent years. There is, as always, the computing support and updates for the academic and administrative offices of the College, that operate on a year-round basis. The renovation of Glatfelter Hall required moving departmental and faculty offices as well as classrooms to their temporary quarters in the trailers located in the Constitution parking lot. In addition, there was the wiring and setting up of two classrooms and a computer lab to be located in the West Building. These projects were assigned to ITT’s Travis Mathna and Mark Rosensteel. Other projects included the installation of touch panels in the Conservatory classrooms in Schmucker Hall and the creation of Economics computer labs in 339 Carlisle Street. In order to handle this workload, Travis and Mark hired Bridget Creedon ’14 to assist them with their projects.

Another IT area that had an increased summer workload was G-Tech, the student computing support component of the IC Department. There are 40 notebook computers that may be borrowed by students in need of a computer for a short time while their regular computer is out of service. These computers needed to be cleaned up, reimaged with the Windows 7 operating system, and have college supported software installed. This is a major task that consumed a great deal of time. Chris Marsh, staff supervisor of G-Tech recruited Rachel Fry ’15 to assist her with this task and also planning for G-Tech’s schedule and organization for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Let’s briefly meet the summer assistants. Bridget, a native of Witchfield, Connecticut is a music major who has worked in the Sunderman Conservatory recording studio. She has also done live recordings of concert rehearsal sessions, choir concerts in the Chapel, and some student and faculty presentations. She applied while she was still in Africa during her Junior Year Abroad program. She wanted a position that would be a hands-on working job and not just a desk job. Travis notes that Bridget was an invaluable assistant that made their seemingly impossible workload manageable.

Rachel has served as the student supervisor of G-Tech. A native of Martinsburg, PA, Rachel was featured in the November, 2012 issue of In Touch With IT. Her extensive experience and love of Gettysburg made her a natural choice for a summer assistant. In addition to her work with the computers for the loaner program, Rachel worked with preparing general information such as campus computing requirements, password reset information and other self-service issues for an online information sheet. She also worked with ICs Larry Hower constructing the image for computers connected to the college network. In addition, she designed and constructed a wallpaper for the loaner computers that had service numbers and e-mail contacts for the student borrowers of the loaner equipment. Chris Marsh notes that Rachels work ethic and dedication made her a natural choice as the G-Tech summer assistant.

While the summer assistants are not part of the full time IT staff, IT is certainly pleased with their work and thanks them for their service.

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