Gettysburg College is always looking for ways to protect the financial security of its employees. To help you prepare financially; Gettysburg College is making available, through Aflac, supplemental benefits to help fill these needs.

In the event of a serious illness or accident, your major medical insurance may reimburse your doctor, the hospital, and other providers.  But you may be responsible for unreimbursed expenses.  These may include lost pay for you or a family member, transportation, deductibles, co-insurance, and prescriptions.

Aflac's benefits pay cash directly to the policyholder regardless of any other coverage one may have.  The insured can spend the money as he or she sees fit.  They are fully portable and premiums do not increase with age or if one leaves the company.

Accident Insurance

  • 24/7 coverage, on or off the job
  • Accident emergency treatment benefit of $120
  • Initial hospitalization benefit of $1000
  • Hospital confinement benefit of $250/day
  • Wellness benefit of $60/year for eye exam, immunization, annual physicals etc.

Cancer Care Insurance

  • Wellness Benefit pays $40-$100/year per covered person for cancer screening
  • Plans pay $500, $2000, $4000 or $6000 for a diagnosis for Internal Cancer-double that amount for a Childs diagnosis
  • $900 a week if Injected Chemo or $500 a week if Radiation Therapy (No lifetime Max)
  • Experimental treatment benefit of $500/week
  • Surgical Benefits that range from $50-$4000 per treatment, one per day (No lifetime Max)
  • Transportation benefit of 50 cents/mile for round trip between hospital and residence
  • Additional rider that covers 30+ additional illnesses including Lyme Disease
  • Children are covered for free up to the age of 26

Specified Health Event Insurance

  • First occurrence benefit of $5000 for heart attack, stroke, by-pass surgery, coma, paralysis, major third degree burns, end-stage renal failure.
  • Reoccurrence benefit of $2500
  • Hospital confinement benefit of $300/day
  • Continuing care benefit of $125/day for physician visits, home health care, nursing home, physical therapy, rehabilitation, speech therapy, occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, extended care and hospice care
  • Lodging benefit of $75/day to cover you or family member at a medical facility more than 50 miles from home

Other Features:

  • Enrollment is quick and easy with no physicals required
  • Claims process is easy and payment is prompt
  • Claims assistance by your Aflac agent

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