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Gettysburg College continues to strive to protect the financial interests of its employees. To ensure an additional line of protection is available to you, Gettysburg College is proud to make the leader in supplemental insurance; Aflac, available to our employees.

  • In the event of a serious illness or accident, Aflac can help protect your financials in ways your major medical cannot.
  • Aflac pays cash directly to the policyholder regardless of any other coverage one may have. 

Policyholders can use these benefits however they see fit.

  • Aflac protection is affordable, with plan options available to fit most every budget.
  • Plans available on a pre-tax basis.
  • Aflac protection is fully portable and premiums do not increase with age or the number of claims filed.

Accident Insurance

  • Aflac’s most popular product.
  • 24/7 on and off the job coverage.
  • Pays benefits even when you are well.
  • Guaranteed issued with no underwriting questions asked.

Cancer Care Insurance

  • Aflac’s flagship product.
  • Initial internal cancer diagnosis of $6,000* benefit to ease potential financial burdens before they even begin. (*Aflac’s Premier Level Cancer Care plan).
  • Dependent children coverage at no additional fee, with a number of benefits increasing should a dependent child be diagnosed with an internal cancer.
  • Available even to those who have faced a cancer diagnosis in the past and are more than five years cancer-free.
  • Pays benefits for an annual cancer screening for everyone on the plan.

Critical Care and Recovery

  • First occurrence benefit of $5000 for heart attack, stroke, coronary artery bypass surgery, coma, paralysis, major third-degree burns, end-stage renal failure or persistent vegetative state.
  • Includes Intensive Care coverage starting at $700/day for illnesses $800/day for accidents for first seven days – increasing to $1200 & $1300/day for next seven days
  • Daily hospital confinement benefit.

Other Features:

  • Enrollment is quick and easy with no physicals required
  • Claims process is easy and payment is prompt with Next Day Pay™ eligibility on all policies made available through Gettysburg College
  • Personal assistance available by your Aflac representative: Tammy Meyers, 717.557.5831,

Aflac Policy Premium for Gettysburg College