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Full-time employees eligible for benefits, who have been actively working for one full year, are eligible for fifteen weeks of paid leave for the primary care giver or nine weeks of paid leave for the non-primary care giver in a two year period. If both parents are Gettysburg College employees, only one may be designated as the primary care giver. This time will not be counted towards the employee's allotted 16 weeks of family and medical leave.

In addition, Gettysburg College will contribute up to $3,000 per adoption to help with expenses. In Pennsylvania, this is a taxable benefit.

The employee should make a formal request in writing to the supervisor when the adoption is expected. The employee should notify the supervisor about the first date of leave. The supervisor should then notify the Human Resources and Risk Management Office. Additionally, the supervisor should notify Human Resources when the employee returns from the adoption leave.

To add the adopted child to the health insurance, the child must be "supported by the Subscriber or the Subscriber's spouse pursuant to a valid court order or a child for whom the Subscriber or the Subscriber's spouse is a legal guardian". The insurance company requires documentation, that has been filed through the court system, be submitted with the enrollment form