Frequently Asked Health Care Coverage Questions.

How much will my premium increase in January 2014?

2.5% increase for employees participating in the Wellness Program

5.0% increase for employees not participating in the Wellness Program

What percentage of the total health care cost do employees pay? 

It depends on which plan the employee elects and also the type of coverage, such as single, +1, or family.  On average employees pay approximately 20% of the total premium cost. 

Is this a typical cost share?

The College’s health care plan is at an 80-20% split, with employees paying 20% of the overall premium cost. Over time, the College will transition to a cost share of 75-25%, still keeping employee premium costs below the national average.

Will the College continue to increase employee premiums? 

Yes, the College will continue to pass along health insurance rate increases and continue to move toward an average employee contribution rate of 25% of the total premium.

Why do Wellness participants receive a lower premium increase?

Research shows that employees who actively manage their health incur lower medical costs. We encourage all employees to participate in the Wellness Program. If you do not currently participate in the Wellness Program, be sure to enroll for 2014.

If you have any additional questions regarding Gettysburg College health care coverage, please email .