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Employees receive a 10% discount on most items at the College store. Employees may set up a college store charge.

Purpose: The employee charge benefit is intended to provide employees with the convenience of shopping for goods and services on the Gettysburg College campus and to provide employees with a variety of opportunities to repay their debts.

Requirements: To qualify for an employee charge account an employee must:

  • Be a full-time Gettysburg College employee, regular part-time Gettysburg College employee or a Gettysburg College graduate assistant
  • Have successfully completed an orientation period
  • Be at least 18 years of age

Employees who meet these requirements are eligible to apply for Gettysburg College Bookstore charge privileges at the Gettysburg College Bookstore in the College Union Building.

Opening a Gettysburg College Bookstore Charge Account: To open a charge account with the Gettysburg College Bookstore, employees must clear all current employee charge account balances, complete the enclosed Financial Responsibility Statement, and return it to the Gettysburg College Bookstore. This signed document will then be forwarded to the Human Resources Office for placement in the personnel file.

Charge Limit: $250.00 per qualified employee.

Activity Statements and Payment Schedules: At the beginning of each month, an activity statement will be mailed through campus mail to all employees with outstanding balances. Statements will indicate previous balances, the previous month's payment, and charges for the current month. Statements will not be generated for accounts with zero balances or credits.


Charge accounts should be paid in full on a monthly basis by the end of each month.

If charge accounts show no payment activity for two (2) consecutive months, employee charge privileges will be withdrawn until the bill has been paid in full. Employees have four payment options to clear their accounts:

  1. Pay the bill in full by cash at the Gettysburg College Bookstore
  2. Pay the bill in full by charging the full amount owed to another charge account (VISA, MasterCard, and Discover) at the Gettysburg College Bookstore
  3. Pay by personal check
  4. Pay the bill through the payroll deduction/payment plan program

If option 4 is chosen, a minimum of $20 per pay period will be deducted from each pay check until the account is paid in full.

Resignations or Terminations: If employment with the College is ended for any reason, the unpaid account balance is due on or before the date of termination. If the account balance is not paid in full at the time of termination, the entire account balance (except for making sure the employee is paid minimum wage for the last hours worked) will be deducted from the employee's final paycheck. If this deduction does not bring the account balance to zero, the College will develop a payment plan for the employee. If possible, this payment plan will be reviewed with the terminating employee during the exit interview in the Human Resources Office.



It is the responsibility of employees to pay their charge balances.

It is the responsibility of the Gettysburg College Bookstore to offer the charge benefit to all qualified employees and to ensure current charge balances.

If employees do not follow through with payment responsibilities, the Human Resources Office will ensure the collection of debt either through payroll deductions (for active employees) or payment plans (for terminated employees).Terminating Employees:

Special Considerations: This is a benefit that can be revoked by the College. If accounts remain in good standing, the charge benefit will remain available. The College reserves the right to forward any outstanding uncorrectable account balances to an authorized collection agency.