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Full-time employees eligible for benefits, who have been actively working for one full year, are eligible for up to six (6) weeks of paid maternity leave in a two (2) year period (starting with the initial date of the leave). This leave is intended for recovery from child birth and must be supported with a note from the employee's treating physician. This time will not be counted towards the employee's allotted 16 weeks of family and medical leave. For additional parental leave time, please see the Parental/Partner Leave section.

The employee should make a request in writing to her supervisor/department chair as soon as possible after learning of the expected birth. The leave must be taken consecutively and must begin with the birth date of the child.

The employee should present the physician's note with the first day of expected leave to the supervisor. The supervisor should forward the note to the Human Resources Office. Additionally, the supervisor should notify the Human Resources Office when the employee returns from maternity leave and/or of the employee's intention to take other leave pursuant to the College's policies.

If the employee is adding the child(ren) to the health insurance, the Human Resources Office must be notified within 14 days of the birth to assure enrollment in the health insurance program.