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Medical Insurance Summary Plan Descriptions

Gettysburg College provides all full-time employees with medical, prescription and vision insurance. Two health care plans are available through Highmark (PPO 500, PPO 1000). The cost is based on the employee's plan choice. A prescription drug plan is provided through this program. Additionally, a mail-in drug program is available for maintenance drugs. Each plan offers the same prescription and vision plan.

If the employee is adding the child(ren) to the health insurance, the Human Resources and Risk Management Office must be notified within 14 days of the birth to assure enrollment in the health insurance program.

If you have a change to your marital status, please notify the Human Resource office.  This change may affect your benefits, your new spouse may want to join our coverage and your ex-spouse has the right to COBRA insurance coverage.

If your new spouse would like to join our medical or dental coverage you must add them to your plan within 30 days of the marriage otherwise you will need to wait until open enrollment.   

PPO 500

Summary of Benefits & Coverage

2018 Premiums              

PPO 1000

Summary of Benefits & Coverage

2018 Premiums

Which Plan is right for you?              Q & A            PPO500           PPO1000

2019 New Medical Plan - QHDP with an HSA

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Additional Medical Information    

Verification of Other Coverage Form 

Creditable Coverage 

Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act

Children Health Insurance Program (CHIP) 

CHIP Brochure