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Guidelines for the Reimbursement of Moving Expenses

Maximum payment by the College is $2000.00 of approved expenses, computed as follows:

  • First $1000.00 of eligible expenses reimbursed 100%.
  • Eligible expenses above $1000.00 reimbursed at 50%, with a maximum dollar reimbursement totaling $2000.00.

Eligible moving expenses will be paid one time, and the relocation of residence must be from outside a 50 mile radius of Gettysburg to within that radius of Gettysburg. Those eligible are newly employed full-time faculty and administrators. The following items will generally be eligible for reimbursement;

  • Professional moving of household goods.
  • Personal moving of household goods, including rental vehicles, road tolls, and reimbursement of mileage at 19 cents per mile or the expense of gasoline if using a personal vehicle.
  • One way personal transportation to Gettysburg for employee and family in own vehicle or by commercial transportation. Limited motel accommodations will be paid if traveling more than a day's journey en-route to Gettysburg. Meals are not reimbursable items.

Faculty should submit a listing of expenses and receipts to the Provost's Office.
Administrators must submit their expenses and receipts to the Human Resources Office.

HERS  -Relocation Resource

Gettysburg College recognizes that relocation is often stressful and that it can impact the whole family. HERS (Higher Education Relocation Specialists) offers services that help our administrators and faculty members through the relocation process. Visit the HERS Gettysburg Relocation Resources to find resources for child care, elder care, housing and employment opportunities for your spouse/domestic partner.  Additionally there are a variety of housing program and services to assist you, whether you are looking to rent, lease, or buy a home.

For mor information or to request a free estimate, visit and use password "gettysburg".