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Gettysburg College provides long term disability (LTD) insurance for employees who meet the eligibility requirements. The LTD insurance plan coverage begins on the first of the month following the employee's one year anniversary date of entry into an eligible class. An eligible class means full-time employee status defined as employees who work at least 34 hours a week.

The waiting period is waived for employees who show proof of continuous long term disability coverage prior to hire at Gettysburg College.

After six months of total disability, the LTD insurance plan provides a monthly income benefit equal to 60% of monthly salary up to a maximum monthly benefit of $7,000. The monthly disability income will be reduced by other disability income benefits, (i.e. Social Security and or/workers compensation).

In addition to insurance of income, the LTD plan provides insurance for the Gettysburg College retirement annuity contribution made on your behalf to the TIAA-CREF retirement annuity. Once you are eligible to receive the retirement annuity benefit, the annuity insurance coverage will ensure continued contributions to your retirement annuity at the rate of 10% of annual salary at the time of disability.

Group Long Term Disability Insurance Certificate- Prudential

For more information about the long term disability insurance benefit, please contact the Human Resources Office staff.