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Tuition Aid for Support Staff Outside of Gettysburg College


The Support Staff Tuition Aid Program is designed to provide financial assistance to Support Staff members who are taking undergraduate college courses at other colleges and universities in the local region. It is intended to aid Support Staff in increasing their knowledge and abilities and thereby enhancing their professional development and employment opportunities with the College.

Program Requirements:

The program is available to support staff members who meet the following requirements:

1.The individual must be a full-time support staff employee.
2. The employee must be employed by the College for a minimum of two years.
3. The employee must be a candidate for first undergraduate degree
4. The employee must be enrolled in an undergraduate academic program.
5. The employee must be enrolled in a credit course.

How to Apply:

Eligible employees interested in applying for tuition aid should submit the Request for Support Staff Tuition Aid Form along with a copy of the tuition bill to the Human Resources Office.

Program Approval:

The approval of the aid and the amount of the aid provided will be at the discretion of the Director of Human Resources. The amount will not exceed the cost of four courses per fiscal year (June 1 - May 31). Once a decision has been made, the employee will be notified in writing and a check request will be sent to the Accounts Payable Department. Human Resources will mail the tuition payment directly to the institution. The employee will be notified of payment mailing by email or campus mail.

What is not funded:

Funding will not be considered when:

1. The course is through distance learning or correspondence.
2. The course is not an undergraduate course.
3. The course is not part of a diploma program.

Employee will be required to reimburse aid if any of the following occur:

1. The Support Staff member does not pass the course.
2. The Support Staff member withdraws from the course.
3. The Support Staff member leaves the employment of the college prior to the completion of the course.

Program Follow-up

Following the completion of the course, the Support Staff member should submit a copy of their transcript indicating the successful completion of the course to the Human Resources Office.