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Vacation and Short-Term Disability/Sick Leave Benefits for Administrators

Vacation for Administrators

Regular full-time administrators working 12 months are eligible to receive 22 vacation days per salary year (June 1 - May 31). This equates to 1.83 days per month.

Regular full-time administrators working 11 months are eligible to receive 15 vacation days per salary year (June 1 - May 31). This equates to 1.36 days per month to be used during the 11-month period.

Additionally, regular full-time administrators working 10 months are eligible to receive 10 vacation days per salary year (June 1 - May 31). This equates to 1.00 day per month to be used during the 10-month period.

For part-time administrators, contact the Human Resources Office to determine the appropriate vacation calculation.

Unused vacation leave cannot be carried over into the new salary year nor will it be compensated. Vacation leave is to be taken at times mutually agreed upon by administrators and their supervisors. Vacation leave is to be taken in increments of no less than half days. In the event the employee terminates employment with the College during the salary year, he/she will be paid for any accrued, unused vacation leave. This is calculated by determining the number of months from June 1 to the last day of work, multiplied by the factor listed above, minus the number of days used during this same time period.
For example: A 12-month employee terminates employment on November 30. June 1 to November 30 equals 6 months times 1.83 days or 11 days of vacation. If employee used 10 days of vacation through November 30, the employee would receive a balance of 1 day of vacation payout.  However, if the employee used 12 days of vacation, the employee would owe the College back for 1 day.

Short-Term Disability/Sick Leave

Regular full-time administrators who are unable to perform their duties because of illness may receive up to six months (26 weeks) of sick leave with pay. When this leave is short-term disability, the leave will be limited to 26 weeks in a three-year period. Administrators will only be paid for a maximum of 52 weeks of short-term disability leave (two 26-week leaves) during their employment at Gettysburg College. Paid sick leave will not be counted towards the 16 weeks of family and medical leave described in this section. During a leave of absence for medical reasons, the employee will be under the same terms and conditions as would be applicable for a family and medical leave (reinstatement to his/her pre-leave position or to an equivalent position with equivalent pay, benefits, and terms and conditions of employment). The College reserves the right to require evidence from a physician concerning the nature of the illness of any employee to the extent necessary to determine eligibility under the policy and consistent with state and federal law.