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Conflict Coaching is an application of both conflict mediation and training, and is used while working with one party in a conflict. In the coaching session, the individual experiencing a conflict with another person has the opportunity to consider a full range of options and responses. Doing so will help to prepare you mentally and emotionally to approach the other person involved in the conflict, and to develop a plan for constructively addressing the conflict.

The coach is a trained and neutral third party who helps people in a conflict situation assess their options. The coach will not take sides nor make specific recommendations for your course of action. Instead, the coach will ask you questions about the conflict, the preconditions to and unfolding of the dispute, your perception, your possible interests, why and what about this conflict matters to you, and your assessment of the perceptions and interests of the disputing party. The questions are designed to expand your perspective and to help you to create and consider options.

Conflict coaching is useful when you are involved in a conflict situation and don't know what your next steps should be, or when you think that your next step will only escalate the conflict and you want to seek a positive alternative. The responsibility to choose a course of action remains your own, but conflict coaching can help you to explore more options that may help you resolve the conflict.