Title IX Coordinator and Intake/Investigative Offices

Title IX Coordinator

Jennifer McCary, Associate Dean for Violence Prevention and Resolution/Title IX Coordinator
Second Floor, College Union Building, jmccary@gettysburg.edu, 717-337-6907


Dave Wright, Director of Athletics
Second Floor, Wright Building, dwright@gettysburg.edu, 717-337-6530

Department of Public Safety:

Bill Lafferty, Director of Public Safety
Second Floor, College Union Building, wlaffert@gettysburg.edu, 717-337-6321

Human Resources:

Regina Campo, Co-Director of Human Resources and Risk Manager
First Floor, Pennsylvania Hall, rcampo@gettysburg.edu, 717-337-6207

Jen Lucas, Co-Director of Human Resources
First Floor, Pennsylvania Hall, jlucas@gettysburg.edu, 717-337-6211

Provost's Office:

Jack Ryan, Vice Provost
Third Floor, Pennsylvania Hall, jryan@gettysburg.edu, 717-337-6822

Student Rights & Responsibilities:

Ron Wiafe, Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities
Second Floor, College Union Building,  rwiafe@gettysburg.edu, 717-337-6907