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In an effort to boost morale, improve quality, encourage better communication, and create a more comfortable work environment, Gettysburg College has implemented a casual businesswear policy for Fridays.

Casual businesswear is clothing that allows you to feel comfortable, yet always looks neat and professional. It includes comfortable pieces, such as cotton shirts and sweaters, khaki pants and jeans. You need to look sharp and professional, even though dressing casual. Please consider the day's activities when determining what to wear. It is important to remember events scheduled for Fridays. In some cases, when visitors are coming to your office, it may be necessary to dress in normal business attire.

The following are examples of acceptable casual businesswear:

Polo shirts


Oxford shirts Blouses
T-shirts Sweaters/cardigans
Blazers/sport coats Casual pants
Casual skirts Stirrup pants
Jeans Hose
Sneakers/tennis shoes Sandals (not flip-flops, zorries)
Deck shoes Flat shoes
Boots Loafers

The following are examples of unacceptable clothing to wear:

Wrinkled, stained or dirty clothing Flashy, "loud" clothing
T-shirts with printed messages Athletic clothing, workout garb
Beachwear Sweat pants / warm-up suits
Lycra shorts Halter tops
Check the fit of casual clothing,
especially the length of pants, skirts  
and skorts.  


If you have a question about an outfit, please discuss the outfit with your supervisor before wearing it to work.