Employee Handbook Section Four: HOURS WORK

Office Hours

Administrative offices are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00
p.m. (8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. during the summer). Administrative offices are also open additional hours, either during the week or on the weekend, as deemed necessary by the supervisor of the office to carry out the duties of that office.

Administrative Employee Hours

It is expected that administrative employees will work whatever additional hours are necessary to properly meet their responsibilities. Administrators are not eligible for overtime pay.


In the event of emergency conditions (i.e., storm, utility failure, fire, etc.), which seriously hamper the functioning of the College, the President may declare an emergency and announce an immediate or anticipated cancellation of classes and other scheduled events, the closing of College offices, and the discontinuance of normal maintenance operations. For reasons that are apparent or may arise, the services of some employees may be required during emergency situations. These persons will be notified as quickly as possible.

In the event of an emergency closing of the College, employees who were scheduled to work that day will receive their normal pay while the College is closed. This does not include casual employees at the College.

Emergency Preparedness Program

The College's Emergency Operation Plan can be viewed on the Department of Public Safety Office's web site at http://www.gettysburg.edu/about/offices/college_life/safety/emergency_prepardness.dot

Inclement Weather Policy

As a residential college committed to providing a liberal arts education, Gettysburg College will try to remain open and encourage its faculty and staff to report to work even during periods of inclement weather. However, there may be times when weather conditions cause the College to delay the opening of College activities, to cancel classes and normal business hours, and/or to close the College early.

Inclement Weather Notification

When adverse weather conditions lead to a delayed opening and/or cancellation of classes and office hours at Gettysburg College, information will be provided through a variety of sources.
Campus Communications will be updated in the following order.

  1. A message will be posted on the College phone number 337.6896.
  2. A message will be posted on the College's home page as first news item and to Twitter. 
  3. An all-campus email will be sent.
  4. An all-campus voice mail message will be sent to College phones.
  5. Traditional media outlets, such as TV and radio will be notified.

We encourage employees to check College communications first because TV and radio often will not list specific details especially when they are complicated.

Emergency Personnel:

Some administrative and support staff individuals, due to the nature of the jobs, are identified as "emergency personnel" during times of inclement weather. Emergency personnel must be identified as such by supervisors. Employees identified as emergency personnel should be recorded as such in the Human Resources and Risk Management Office.

In some circumstances, employees are identified as emergency personnel only when classes are in session. If this is the case, supervisors must share this information with the Human Resources and Risk Management Office.

Full-time and part-time support staff identified as emergency personnel who work when the College is officially closed will receive 2.5 times their regular hourly pay for all hours worked.

Casual support staff and student employees identified as emergency personnel who work when the College is officially closed will receive 1.5 times their regular hourly pay for all hours worked.

Flex time:

• During periods of inclement weather when the College remains open, supervisors will have the option of invoking "flex-time" for employees. For purposes of this policy, flex-time can be used as follows:
• Supervisors may permit staff to modify their normal work schedule to accommodate weather situations by coming into work late and leaving early and making up the lost time. This should be done within the same pay period for non-exempt employees.
• Support staff and administrative employees may choose to be paid for un-worked hours by using accrued sick or vacation leave.
• Support staff employees may take the hours off without pay and without the need to make up those hours.


Questions regarding "flex-time" should be addressed to your immediate supervisor.
Questions from faculty related to closings and/or delays should be directed to the Provost's Office staff, extension 6820.
Questions from support staff and administrators related to these closings or delays should be directed to the Human Resources and Risk Management Office staff, extension 6202.
The Provost will make policy interpretations concerning the faculty. The Co-Directors of Human Resources and Risk Management will make policy interpretations concerning support, administrative and student staff.

Classes and Other Academic Programming

If the College is closed, classes are not held. If the College delays opening, those classes affected are not held. If the College remains open during inclement weather,the decision to cancel classes is made by the individual faculty member. It is the responsibility of the faculty member to arrange for the notification of students. Individual faculty will also determine whether and when to reschedule cancelled classes and to so notify students.