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Gettysburg College Mission Statement

Gettysburg College, a national, residential, undergraduate college committed to a liberal education, prepares students to be active leaders and participants in a changing world. This statement is grounded in the core values of the institution:
• The worth and dignity of all people and the limitless value of their intellectual potential;
• The power of a liberal arts education to help students develop critical thinking skills, broad vision, effective communications, a sense of the inter-relatedness of all knowledge, sensitivity to the human condition, and a global perspective, all necessary to enable students to realize their full potential for responsible citizenship;
• The enrichment of the traditional liberal arts and sciences curriculum with the most promising intellectual developments of the age;
• The free and open marketplace of ideas and the exploration of the ethical and spiritual dimensions of those ideas, both indispensable to helping students learn to determine which have lasting value;
• The value of a lifelong commitment to service, and the role of the College in both providing an example of public service for students and fostering a commitment to service among our young people; and
• A belief that a residential college is the most effective means of promoting the personal interaction between student and professor, and student and student which develops the community that is the heart of a liberal arts education.

Jointly prepared by the Middle States Self-study Steering Committee and the Faculty Council, Fall Semester 2002. This statement was adopted by the Gettysburg College Board of Trustees on January 25, 2003.
Human Resources and Risk Management Mission Statement
The Human Resources and Risk Management staff is committed to supporting the mission of the College by serving, educating and empowering our prospective, current and former College community members. During all interactions, individual needs are respected.


Purpose of Handbook

This handbook outlines the basic human resource guidelines, practices, and procedures of Gettysburg College as they apply to its administrative and support staff employees. This handbook contains general statements of the College's guidelines and procedures as they relate to employees, but is not all-inclusive. These guidelines and procedures may be modified, revoked, suspended, terminated, or changed, in whole or in part, at any time by the College. Accordingly, the College reserves the exclusive right to establish, change, interpret, or revoke its guidelines and procedures as necessary.
This handbook is not a contract, nor is it an invitation to contract. Furthermore, nothing in this handbook shall be construed as creating an express or implied contract or promise concerning the guidelines or practices that the College has implemented or will implement in the future.



Gettysburg College is an at-will employer. Your employment with Gettysburg College is a voluntary employment-at-will relationship for no definite period of time. You maintain the right to terminate your employment with or without cause at any time,and for any reason. Gettysburg College retains the same right.


Terms of Appointment

Upon appointment, you will receive a letter that states the general terms of the appointment, the salary, the position, title, and other appropriate terms of employment. Nothing in the appointment letter is intended to alter the at-will employment relationship or to create a contract express or implied.

Continuing employment is based upon satisfactory performance, adherence to the College's expectations, and the needs of the College as determined by the President in consultation with responsible supervisors. However, nothing in this section precludes the College from taking immediate disciplinary action against an employee, up to and including immediate termination, for violations listed under the Standards of Conduct of this handbook (in Section 10), other policy violations, poor performance, and/or failure to meet the expectations the College has for its administrative and staff personnel at the discretion of the College.