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Maximum payment by the College is $2000.00 of approved expenses, computed as follows:

  • First $1000.00 of eligible expenses reimbursed 100%.
  • Eligible expenses above $1000.00 reimbursed at 50%, with a maximum dollar reimbursement totaling $2000.00.


Eligible moving expenses will be paid one time, and the relocation of residence must be from outside a 50 mile radius of Gettysburg to within that radius of Gettysburg. Those eligible are newly employed full-time faculty and administrators. The following items will generally be eligible for reimbursement;

  • Professional moving of household goods.
  • Personal moving of household goods, including rental vehicles, road tolls, and reimbursement of mileage at 23.5 cents per mile or the expense of gasoline if using personal vehicle.
  • One way personal transportation to Gettysburg for employee and family in own vehicle or by commercial transportation. Limited motel accommodations will be paid if traveling more than a day's journey en route to Gettysburg. Meals are not reimbursable items.


Faculty should submit a listing of expenses and receipts to the Provost's Office.
Administrators must submit their expenses and receipts to the Human Resources Office.