Spring Into Fitness Challenge

Spring into Fitness16

Exercise. Track your minutes. Repeat


Spring into Fitness and challenge yourself to perform "purposeful" physical activity
for six weeks March 20- April 30, 2016

Participate in an intercollegiate challenge against four other local colleges and universities: Elizabethtown College, York College,  Dickinson College, and Franklin & Marshall College.  So put those New Year's Resolutions to good use and win a victory for Gettysburg!

During the six-week period between March 20 and April 30 participants will be asked to track each minute of “purposeful” physical activity using an easy on-line tracking form.  The exercise must be planned, purposeful physical activity performed with the intention of acquiring fitness or other health benefits.

There will be two Intercollegiate Competitions:

1. Greatest percentage of overall participation

2. Highest average number of purposeful exercise minutes per participant

Internal Competition:

In 2016, the College will NOT hold a Divisional Competition. The internal competition will be between TEAMS of the College. Those who do not wish to be part of a team will be put with the Individual challenge.
Members of teams do not have to be from the same department, but they can be.  Put your team together (3-6 members), pick a name and let's the competition begin!

So, make sure you encourage your colleagues to play along and track their minutes! If you work together as a team and keep each other motivated, you will have a chance to WIN the TEAMS competition….but more importantly, we want Gettysburg College to be the overall winner of the Intercollegiate Competition!  Exercise. Track your minutes. Repeat!