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Our Wellness Program

What is Wellness?

There is a simple way to achieve your goals. Select either The Points Track or The Independent Track.

The Points Track  - "One-a-Day"

This is the original Wellness Track offering programming in all dimensions of wellness, including nutritional, physical, emotional, intellectual/cultural, social/family, and spiritual. Each activity or program is awarded a specific point value, working towards a total of 365 points to complete the program. This track is for participants who prefer a more structured accounting of their wellness progress. Participants may choose from different areas of wellness to become the best they can be.

The Independent Track

This track is designed for self motivated and disciplined individuals who have wellness activities incorporated into their activities of daily living. It is also designed for individuals whose schedules do not allow for the Wellness Program's structured activities and need a more flexible schedule. Participants select from the wellness dimensions, including nutritional, physical, emotional, intellectual/cultural, social/family, and spiritual, to set their SMART goals. This year the Independent Track participants will select one (1) Major dimension and one (1) Minor dimension to achieve their wellness goals.


Points Track                                             Independent Track

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