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You and Your Advisor

How do I get/change a faculty advisor?

Assistance with Learning Disabilities/ADHD

I have a learning disability

Questions about Majors

What are the different majors about?

Where can I go for help with choosing a major?

How do I declare a 1st and/or 2nd major?

My faculty advisor isn't in the field I want to major in.

How do I develop a special major?

How do I declare a minor?

Academic Regulations 

Am I on track for graduation?

How do I transfer some credits?

How do I qualify for the Dean's List?

Can I register for a class Pass/Fail?

How do I drop a class?

What is the last day for withdrawal from a course?

How do I petition for exception to academic college policy (i.e. extend my graduation date, take a 6th course, change to part-time status, etc.)?

What if I can't be here for graduation?

Can I take my finals early/late?

What do I need to do to take an Incomplete in a course?

What if I cannot be here for registration? 

Who receives access to my grades? 

Personal Questions

I have a problem with my professor/class

I have a friend with a problem

What if I have to miss a class for a family emergency?

I'm stressed out about my classes; I need to talk to someone face to face

I have a roommate problem

Can I look in my student file

Learning Helps

What happens if my grades are too low?

How do I get a tutor?

How do I take a study skills course?

I am on Dismissal Alert or Probation and I need to drop a class.

I am on Probation. What if I don't get a 2.0?


What is a leave of absence?

How do I get re-admitted?

I want to transfer to another institution. What do I do?

I'm thinking about withdrawing. Whom do I see?

I need to withdraw medically from the college.

Honor Code

I've been charged with an Honor Code violation.

How do I report an Honor Code Violation?

Who Should I Talk to about . . .

Going Abroad? - Study Abroad Office
Internships? - Center for Career Development
Fellowships & Scholarships? - Academic Advising