What are the different majors about?

The link below is to a tool on the web that talks about different majors and how they are related to skills, higher education and careers.

What Can I do with this Degree?

Where can I go for help with choosing a major?

There are many people at Gettysburg who are willing to meet with you about your choices  of major.  Make an appointment with one of the following: 

  • Dean Anne Lane for First-Year and Junior students  
  • Dean Jennifer Cole for Sophomores and Senior students
  • Kathleen Williams, Director, Office of Center for Career Development  

How do I declare a 1st and/or 2nd major?

Pick up a Declaration of Major form from the Registrar's Office, have the Department Chair sign the form  and return it to the Registrar's Office.  Students must file a declaration of major with the Registrar before registering for the junior year.  A student may declare a second major as late as the beginning of the  senior year. 

My faculty advisor isn't in the field I want to major in.

Consult with a faculty member in your major field of study or the Chair of the Department. Then have your new advisor sign the Declaration Major form available from the Registrar's Office. Be sure to turn in the form to the Registrar. 

How do I develop a special major?

  • Consult with and obtain an application from the interdepartmental studies chairperson
  • Meet several times with prospective sponsors/advisers
  • Student should submit their proposals during their sophomore year (no later than mid-term the first semester of their junior year)
  • Students should have 2.3 overall GPA normally in order to be accepted as special major

How do I declare a minor?

  • Obtain a Declaration of Minor form from the Registrar's Office; have it signed by a faculty person from the proposed minor field
  • Return the completed form to the Registrar's Office. 
  • A minor consists of six courses; no more than two of which shall be 100-level courses.